Physiotherapy exercises, the core of recovery

Physiotherapists are experts in prescribing suitable exercises for every injury or fitness level. As part of their physiotherapy training, physiotherapists are not only trained in injury diagnosis but also exercise physiology or the science of movement. This allows physical therapists to not only assess and diagnose injuries, but also to prescribe targeted injuries, fitness, or age-appropriate exercises at that time.

Which physical therapy exercises are good exercises?

Exercises mustn't be painful. Although some personal trainers believe that the pain is good, it is not what is best for your body or injury. Research even teaches us that pain prevents the muscles from performing optimally, so performing painful exercises is counterproductive. You will find that your physiotherapist will examine you thoroughly and prescribe a series of exercises that are suitable for you in amounts that will not further injure you. Find a practice expert, such as a physical therapist, manual therapist, or Cesar therapist, when planning your rehab. Because exercises should not hurt, Boris asks immediately after the exercises if they were painful for you. With this information, a movement expert can immediately make adjustments to your schedule so that this pain is removed.

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What happens if you do not perform your exercises?

Without a few simple exercises, we know that certain muscles can become weak. When these supporting muscles are weak, injured structures are insufficiently supported and are prone to persistent symptoms or further injury. What's also a possibility is that adjacent muscles are over-activated, which can lead to further injury. It is important to understand that even people "in good shape" may have important but weak localized or stability muscles. When you have an injury, you must perform exercises that specifically strengthen the muscles around your injury and the adjacent joints. A physical therapist will assess muscle function and prescribe the right exercises specific to the client's needs The prescribed exercises are usually relatively simple and do not require any special weights and can be performed safely at home, as it is sometimes difficult to remember how to perform the exercises and how often, the physical therapist can use Boris to share a schedule.

The prescribed physical therapy exercises are a mandatory dose

When physiotherapists prescribe an individualized dose of exercises, they use their professional expertise to optimize a training dose. Exercise, when prescribed by a movement expert such as a physical therapist, should be treated as a mandatory dose. Just like when blood pressure medication is not taken, you cannot expect the medication to work. When exercises are shared in a schedule via Boris, clients receive a push notification at times they have set themselves. These push notifications only stop once the schedule has been completed and all exercises have been done. In this way, we work with movement experts and their clients towards a speedy recovery!

De Boris app helps your clients perform their physiotherapy exercises at home.

Following an exercise schedule in the Boris app