Golfers elbow stretch

Therapist's aim

To stretch or maintain the length of the wrist and finger flexors.

Client's aim

To increase or maintain the range in your wrist and fingers.

Therapist's instructions

Place the client with one of his arms forward and elbow, wrist, and fingers extended with the inside of the elbow pointing up. Let the client, using his other hand slowly pull the hand of his outstretched arm towards.

Client's instructions

Position yourself with your arm forward and elbow, wrist, and fingers extended, with the inside of your elbow pointing up. Make sure your fingers stay straight. Use your other hand to slowly pull the hand off your outstretched arm towards you.

Progressions and variations

Less advanced:

  1. Place less weight by hand.
    More advanced:
  2. Place more weight by hand.
  3. Place the hand flat on a wall to increase the wrist extension.

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